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elian | 17 | enfp
hello there friends. i am a gay loser from the east coast. i like food a lot and i enjoy pretty things. i'm probably the laziest person ever so its a miracle i get anything done. but when i do, i primarily upload my writing here. i am a real life cat so please give me pets. i like singing and acting and writing and animals and psychology.

main blog;
kin blog;


actual losrs
:iconowlinker: :icondropples: :iconnioru: :iconbluelumi:

im in luv with
:iconfukari: :iconkyoux: :iconalexzappa: :iconsmooshkin:
:icondragon-shark: :iconkhaoskai: :icondestinyblue: :icongriffsnuff:


skies as gray as smoke
billowing from your mouth
as tight as a straight jacket.

tired and withering eyes
feel like brown leaves
crunching underfoot.

your only creases are on your brow
beaten with anxiety and distrust
blooming from your mind.

this does not bleed,
does not break,
does not snap;
it slowly suffocates,
this insidious parasite
bred from your indifference.

( can't gasp
can't feel
can't blush
can't glare

can't smile
can't breathe
can't heal
can't care )

funny how writing doesn't even make me feel better.
this new layout is very strange and idk how i feel....
moving on is just a term for self preservation
reassuring yourself that you don't need
don't want
don't care about them anymore

moving on is an ideal
a fabrication woven from good intentions
when you're staring at the ceiling at 4am
tears for them running down your cheeks
you can taste the salt on your lips
and swear it's for loss of love
and not because you miss a projected idea of us
denying how it actually was

moving on is just another phrase for choosing to love someone else
vicious beatings on your conscience
when their name is the first one on your mind
when you hear the word love
when you picture your future
you never thought it would be without them
first loves have a way of invading your dreams
the very night after you swear you didn't love them anymore

moving on is a comfort to your lover
so they don't feel like a replacement
because it's not that i don't love you,
it's just that i can't pretend i stopped loving them

moving on tricks you into thinking your unconditional love
is a disease with no cure

because moving on doesn't happen
you can't demand a refund on your love like their heart was a bank

you just learn to live without the piece of you
that you had reserved for them
moving on

just my personal feelings on the matter. its fine to disagree. even my head disagrees with a lot of it.

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